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Central Hotel London

Central Hotel London


Our goal was to differentiate Central Hotel London from other hotels in Kings Cross and create a meaningful branded story that would encourage people to book direct with the hotel. Once we had created a story with an emotional element to it, we had to execute the story on all channels. Our goal was to propel people to choose us because of the emotional connection we created with them.


We created a meaningful story (explore more, do more) that represented the hotel’s values, what the hotel stands for and what they believe. This was the essence behind creating a branded story. Once we had created the story, we designed a new web presence, built a brand identity for the hotel and created a content strategy that puts our guests first.

With the new look and feel, our guests feel more inclined to trust the hotel, to relate to the brand, to book directly with us and to share their experience with their friends and family.

Our focus is not about the hotel rooms but about making a positive change in our society and in our hotels’ guests.


-Developed a meaningful story.

-Created a unique brand identity.

-Designed and created a new web presence

-Increased website visitors by 230%

-Increased newsletter subscription by 120%

-Increased direct bookings by 28%